Business Philosophy

Stephen Foster is founder of Stephen Foster Fine Arts and guides the firm’s business strategy and vision. His twenty-five years of professional experience in fine arts business, research and teaching, curating, consulting and arts administration brings substance, depth, and effectiveness to his activities as a consultant and advisor. He is committed to the idea that a background in these diverse areas provides the best basis for securing informed and productive relationships among all parties engaged in art world agendas and transactions.

The authority of the firm is reflected both in the broad background of its director and in an extensive network of national and international experts, from both within and outside the trade, who bring significant expertise to a broad range of subjects and fields. Together, they constitute a formidable resource for advising and consulting on issues involving the management, as well as the acquisition and sale of work by parties involved in private collecting, museum collecting and art investment transactions. The firm's perspective is historically and issue driven.

In terms of collecting and investing strategies, Stephen Foster Fine Arts stresses the extreme importance of establishing the value and financial appreciation of a work in terms of how it is introduced into, and perceived within, an appropriately established context. This is an essential part of what we believe it means to create, curate, and build on significant and pointed collections or portfolios. We carefully strive to assess a collector’s or investor’s needs before identifying and recommending purchases. Stephen Foster Fine Arts’ primary focus is on those artists, American and European, who have most significantly contributed to the defining basis of twentieth century movements and on those who have most impacted our 21st century understanding of artistic significance in the context of twentieth century visual culture.

The firm is committed to a philosophy which advocates significance in the context of historiographics and their analysis. Our relationship to clients is described by what objectives lay behind their investment and collecting agendas. We believe they should be guided by clear purpose, whether it be the creation of historically significant and coherent collections, the management of existing collections, or the acquisition of sound fine arts assets. We believe these to be closely related, indeed inseparable, issues.

In our opinion, the objectives of buyers and / or sellers should be brought into a direct and mutual dependency which serves the best investment and collecting interests of both. Such a targeted exchange of works entails clear financial advantages as it is likely to identify the best and most financially driven buyers and sellers, based on clearly defined needs.

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