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Franz Kline: Art and the Structure of Identity

It is rare to find an exhibition catalogue that is of value beyond the baggage of obvious historical facts and souvenir reproductions. Stephen Foster's Whitechapel catalogue on Kline is a revelation, an important giving as inspiring to read as the Kline exhibition was to see. It makes clear how Kline was developing as a great classical artist and demonstrates his development within Abstract Expressionism.

Robert Natkin, Contemporary Arts

Foster gives it [documentation] order and coherence by casting his material and Kline's work in some of the basic principles of today's intellectual concerns like context, language, meaning, biography, medium and aesthetics. Foster's is a masterful, sensitive, and intelligent unfolding of Kline's work from the inside, where "art is a process of growth."

Patricia Railing, The Art Book

Crisis and the Arts: The History of Dada

"Over the last two decades, scholars working in a range of disciplines and countries have realized that Dada was probably the most radical and significant of all the avant-garde movements which flourished in the early twentieth century. Professor Foster's ten-volume edition of essays, Crisis and the Arts, covers all aspects of Dada, thus synthesizing recent research and making it impossible for Dada ever to be dismissed as insignificant again It is a monumental project whose importance will be massive and enduring."

Dr. Richard Sheppard Magdalen College, Oxford

"At the end of the twentieth century, Dada increasingly appears as the most important and varied movement of the century, encompassing as it did not only specific artistic and literary manifestations but a larger cultural politics and groundbreaking aesthetic. This [History of Dada] is a very exciting and necessary project, a major critical enterprise for our time."

Marjorie Perloff Stanford University

"This is a world premiere in the field of scholarly publishing: an exhaustive compilation in encyclopaedic format of all that this artistic, literary, political, sociological and philosophic movement has covered .... To my knowledge, no project of such magnitude has ever been attempted anywhere: even major literary or artistic schools of the past two hundred years, such as Romanticism or Symbolism, have not generated such an impressive scholarly corpus."

Michel Sanouillet University of Nice, University of Toronto

Hans Richter: Activism, Modernism and the Avant-Garde

Stephen Foster has introduced a dimension of challenging rigor to Dada studies, insisting on the cultural transactional role of this early European modernism. We are presented with a culturally political Richter, concerned with artistic innovation as strategic and revolutionary intervention within its historical moment ..." It is a major contribution to a still neglected strand of modernism.

Martin I. Gaughan, University of Wales Institute

The articles in Stephen Fosters skillfully edited anthology put Hans Richter into the context of political and social events which formed the crucible of his work. This task of historical recovery makes a vital contribution to understanding the link between form and ideology in the work of this significant early and influential twentieth-century figure. A valuable work - not just for the study of Richter, but as a model of current scholarship.

Johanna Drucker, Yale University

This book untangles Hans Richter's manifold life and complex body of work, thus revealing a unique personality at the epicenter of [the] early twentieth-century avant-garde. His life and work as presented in this volume reflect the peak of a generation's cultural history.

Helen Adkins, Art Historian (Berlin)

"Event" Arts and Art Events

A theoretical and practical foundation for performance art in today's culture. "Event" Arts and Art Events is an important contribution to the study of the avant-garde artist sorely neglected by most historians heretofore."

Judith A. Hoffberg, Umbrella

Here is an academic reference book in the best sense of the term. Its subject - the impact of the "event" in early twentieth-century culture - has been indefatigably scrutinized. "Event" Arts and Art Events serves as an important reminder to other scholars; to take note of the intangible, nonobjective artistic production - for it forms the very conceptual base of those artifacts that we cherish.

RoseLee Goldberg, author of Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present

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